5 Cleaning Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Cleaning is not a chore that many find annoying and time-consuming. I myself rarely enjoy it because I feel like I waste a lot of time on it since I consider myself a “clean freak”.

Of course, I know that cleaning is beneficial to my health and well-being so I never compromise with the cleanliness of my living space. Unfortunately, I recently learned that there are some common mistakes people tend to make when cleaning their homes – and I am also guilty of doing these mistakes. I wanted to share the ones I used to make in hopes to help you.

5 Cleaning Mistakes You Are Probably Doing

– Mixing Cleaners

In general, there are a lot of cleaners that shouldn’t be mixed because they might create chemical reactions that are harmful.

For example, you should never mix bleach with ammonia, vinegar, or even rubbing alcohol because the created fumes might cause irritation to your skin and eyes.

This is why you need to always read the label of the cleaners you intend on using to see the ingredients that are in them.

– Immediately wiping disinfectants

When you spray a certain surface with a disinfectant you need to let it evaporate. People tend to spray then immediately wipe the liquid with a cloth but this is wrong and will get in the way of the disinfectant working properly.

– Using all-purpose cleaners everywhere

The term “all-purpose cleaner” shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Some people really do use their all-purpose cleaner to clean… everything in their homes (myself included), however, this means that your house won’t get cleaned properly.

There are certain surfaces that require special cleaners – and the all-purpose one might even damage them.

– Cleaning windows when it’s sunny

Cleaning windows is definitely a chore people hate and neglect to do for as long as they can. But did you know that you need to wait for a cloudy day to clean them?

If you perform this chore when it’s sunny then you will be left with streaks and water stains because the glass will be hot. This means that the liquid you use to clean will easily dry before you even had the chance to wipe it with a cloth or a paper towel.

– Never washing pillows

This is a pretty common mistake people make. It’s important to wash your pillows every few months because they absorb body liquids, dirt, dust, and germs. They may cause acne, unwanted breakouts, skin and eyes irritation, etc.

Simply throw your pillows in your washing machine and run a full cycle at least once every three months!