Cypherpunkd Episode 020: “Digital Cash and the Future of Money” – J. Orlin Grabbe

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Yet a third introduction to digital cash, this one from the point of view of monetary economics, is found in Digital Cash and the Future of Money. In this article I give a formal definition to digital cash (no one seems to have done this before), and show how the move to Internet banking is being driven by banking transactions costs. – J Orlin Grabbe

Excellent piece by Orlin dating from 1998. That is around 14 years ago from the time of this reading. The article originally appeared as “Introduction to Digital Cash” in Liberty (July 1998) and in the SIRS Renaissance data base (1999).

Original piece: Digital Cash and the Future of Money, by J. Orlin Grabbe
A Brief Guide to Digital Cash Articles on Orlin’s Webpage
Orlin’s Webpage still maintained after his passing away.

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