Here are some amazing cleaning tips you should try

We all know that nowadays there is a hack for everything especially when it is cleaning related. Who wouldn’t want to know some of the most useful cleaning tricks out there which will not only make the cleaning process a lot easier but it will reduce the time you need to do it?

– Clean your dishwasher

It’s obvious that we need to clean our appliances – and the ones that do the cleaning for us are no exceptions. Dishwashers usually have food and grime build up on the interior so it’s important that you check after each dishwashing cycle if there are any remaining bits of food stuck. If you notice some then you immediately should remove them which will keep the dishwasher clean and will prevent any nasty future odors.

– Restore your shower pressure

The best way to make sure everything in your home is working properly is to clean it. For example, you can easily unclog your shower and restore the pressure by cleaning it. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water, pour it in a plastic bag and place the showerhead in there. Leave it there for a couple of hours then remove the showerhead, rinse it, and your shower is as good as new.

– Clean the shower curtain

If you have plastic or vinyl shower curtains then you can easily clean them by throwing them in the washing machine. Please, add a couple of towels in there as well.

– Make a homemade glass cleaner

I prefer making my own cleaning solutions – not only am I saving money that way but I know exactly what the ingredients are. No toxic or harsh chemicals. Only natural items. For example, I make my own glass cleaner by mixing water, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils so that it smells really good.