Learn how to determine whether your rug is dirty and how to clean it!

Your favourite rug getting dirty – it’s an inevitable story. But if you want it to look good for a long time then you must take proper care of it.

Vacuuming your rug

Vacuuming it on a daily basis is crucial since that way you would be able to capture the bigger debris from penetrating deep all the way to the base where they are harder to be removed. But you need to keep in mind that your vacuum cleaner is not enough. This shouldn’t be the only way you maintain your rug clean! Why? Dirt, dust, and all sorts of other impurities will land on your rug and will penetrate deep – all the way to the base. Your vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough to extract them which will result in damage, dirty patches, discolouration, etc.

How can you determine whether your rug needs a deep cleaning?

There is a very simple trick out there that you can use to determine exactly how dirty the rug is and whether you need to set aside your vacuum cleaner for a little and focus on deep cleaning it using more powerful methods.

Rub your fingers on the rug in a circular motion for a few seconds and see whether your fingers have dirt on them. If that is the case then it is time for some deep cleaning.

How to clean your rug on your own?

There are many cleaning companies that provide Rug Cleaning out there but if you want to save some money and do it on your own then here is how!

Before we start I need to say one thing – be careful when cleaning your rug because it is made out of very delicate fabric which can easily be damaged!

– Start with the usual – vacuuming the rug. As I previously said, your vacuum cleaner is a great way to remove larger pieces of debris and impurities. Vacuum the back of the rug as well!

– Continue with a rug cleaner of your choice. There are some great options out there. If you want you can also use soapy warm water. Before you start cleaning the whole rug I advise you to test it in a corner or a small area and see whether your rug will react to it. If nothing happens then you are good to go!

– Grab a soft-bristled brush and gently scrub the surface with the cleaner/ soapy water.

– Rinse the rug. If possible, take it outside and use a hose in order to rinse it. You can also do that in the shower or in your bathtub.

– Allow the rug to air-dry completely. This step requires patience since it might take a day or two.