Never Clean These 5 Things With Vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar can be amazing – you save money, you don’t use cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and you rarely experience allergies while still being able to leave your home spotless.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things you shouldn’t clean with vinegar because you might damage them. But if you are at the beginning of your “natural ingredients” cleaning then you might not be aware of them which will cause you a lot of headaches and stress. This is exactly why I have combined all of them in this article – so that you don’t have to worry!

Here Are The 5 Things You Shouldn’t Clean With Vinegar

– Stone Floor Tiles

A lot of people have stone floor tiles in their homes – and they add a lot of elegance, however, they shouldn’t be cleaned with vinegar, ammonia, or even lemon. Why? All of these products are acidic and will leave the stone dull-looking.

– Granite/ Marble Countertops

If you have granite or marble countertops then it is necessary to stay away from using vinegar. It might be tempting because almost all recipes for an all-purpose cleaner contain vinegar but you should avoid it at all cost!

You can safely replace the vinegar with rubbing alcohol – another great way to both clean and disinfect your countertops!

– Hardwood Floors

In most cases, using vinegar to clean hardwood floors will damage the finish – and the last thing we all want is to damage our expensive wooden floors, right?

Also, note that you shouldn’t use vinegar to clean any wooden furniture – so if you have a wooden table skip on the vinegar!

– Knives

Never clean your kitchen knives with vinegar because the acidity will damage the edges. Instead, simply use hot soapy water!

– When Mixed With Bleach

The last thing I wanted to add to my list is to never use vinegar after or before using bleach. You shouldn’t do it because it’s quite dangerous since a toxic chlorine gas will be released which causes irritation to the eyes, throat, and lungs.