Why you should never wear shoes in the house

Is your home always dirty no matter how often you clean it? It seems like the dirt on the floor is endless.

If you walk with shoes in your house – you can’t expect different outcomes. Walking with the shoes that you use on the outside has a lot of downfalls for your home. From bacteria that can pose tons of health risks, dirty floors all the time to lost shoes – the benefits of not wearing shoes at your home are endless.

Do you have carpets? If that is the case, not wearing shoes inside is extremely necessary. Carpet Cleaning Manchester, https://carpetcleaningmanchester.org/ , listed some of the cons and why they also recommend to not walk on your carpets with dirty shoes.

 listed some of the cons and why they also recommend to not walk on your carpets with dirty shoes.

The germs – a huge enemy to your health

Research shows that all types of bacteria are collected on the bottom of your shoe – up to 400 000 different types per shoe. One of the worst ones that your shoe can pick up is called E. Coli – it can cause terrible gastrointestinal distress. It’s usually the number one bacteria causing food poisoning.

Now imagine walking with all of these germs and spreading them all over your floor. If you have carpets – the damage is even bigger. Hard floors are much easier to clean. Carpets, on the other hand, absorb the germs and store it to the base making it impossible to clean up if you don’t have professional equipment.

Protect both your health and your families health by banning shoes at home.

All of the dirt you welcome into your home

It seems like no matter how often you clean and scrub your floors or vacuum your carpet – the dirt is endless. The number one cause is the dirt that you have picked up with your shoes that is later being transferred onto your floors – and if its carpeted the outcome will be horrible.

If you don’t want to clean that often – do not wear shoes on the inside.

You are picking up harsh and toxic chemicals from the streets

Something no one wants to hear – the air in your home is probably polluted. Why? You have most likely picked up all sorts of things like gasoline, antifreeze, weed killer, and similar toxic and harmful chemicals that you are releasing into the air at home.

The alternatives

– Store all of your shoes on shoe racks.

You can easily install shoe racks next to your front door where you will store all of your shoes.

– Have shoes that you use only inside your home.

Buy a pair of comfortable shoes like slippers and put them on only when you are in your home. These indoor shoes will be clean all the time and they will be free of any dirt and bacteria.

What do tomatoes do to your body?

  • They provide vitamins and nutrients

Did you know that tomatoes actually provide you with 20 percent of the required daily vitamin intake?

  • They control your heart rate

They are rich in potassium which controls the heart rate and prevents hears diseases.

  • They prevent eye diseases

They are packed with vitamin A, folates, niacin, etc. which are very beneficial for your eyes.

  • They protect your body from high blood pressure

Since they are packed with minerals and nutrients, they keep the blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

  • They are good for your bones and teeth

Tomatoes are rich in calcium which is very good for the bones and the teeth.

  • They help cells repair and muscles to build

Tomatoes have a lot of protein in them which promotes cell repair and muscle building.

  • They help boost immunity

Tomatoes can not only boost your immunity but help you avoid common cold.

  • They can make your skin glowing

You can apply tomato juice on your skin. This will give it a healthy glow since tomatoes are full of Vitamin C.

  • They can prevent signs of aging

Tomatoes are known to absorb oxygen which will prevent all signs of aging.

  • They can act as sunscreen

Research shows that tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant. This will protect your skin from UV rays.

  • They fight cellular damage

Research shows that the consumption of at least 16 milligrams of lycopene on a daily basis will reduce the free radicals in your body that is the reason your skin wrinkles and has fine lines.

  • They will remove dead skin cells

Just grind them in a mixer and add a teaspoon of sugar. Use the mixture as an exfoliator.  

  • They will help you with hair loss

Apply tomato juice on your scalp a couple of times a week and watch how your hair stops falling.

Cypherpunkd Episode 003: “What is Hawala?” – Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Logan a respected cryptoanarchist, working in BlackIT and author of the underground smash hit book: “The Second Realm – A Book on Strategy” answers our question: What is Hawala?

Covering: Introduction to the Hawala money transfer systems and networks, Hawala History, Culture, Trust, Community, Worldwide usage past and present and Alternate Honest Value Transfer Systems.

– See http://secondrealm.net/ for resources on The Second Realm and to download the PDF/eBook on Strategy.
– In Praise of Hawala is an excellent essay by J. Orlin Grabbe on Hawala.
– A small cleaning business from London: https://endoftenancy.com/

Reality Exploit Roundtable EP010: MEK gets on Terrorist Buddy List, We saw what you Read, CleanIT for a Proper Internet, Drone Death Squads in Mexico

Show: Reality Exploit Roundtable
Episode: 10
Date: Sept 9, 2012
Topics: MEK gets on Terrorist Buddy List, We saw what you Read,
CleanIT for a Proper Internet, Drone Death Squads in Mexico
Moderator: Voodoo
Panelists: Voodoo, Hiro, Smuggler, Wise-Guy, Plato
Tags: big brother, drones, censorship
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Intro music by Sun Araw – “Deep Cover”


  • Voodoo: Black and Yellow Pages, Beer Can Engines
  • Smugggler: http://anarplex.net, http://shadowlife.cc
  • Plato: Twitter, Reddit
  • Hiro: Agorist Radio
  • Wise-Guy



TOPIC 1 – Plato
—– US to remove MEK from terrorist list
– Five lessons from delisting MEK

The Iranian terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq are no longer terrorists according to the US State Department.

In the past years, many US talking heads have been high-paid shills, agitating for delisting the group despite the US law making it a felony to provide material support for a terrorist group. The shills include Howard Dean, Ed Rendell, Wesley Clark, Bill Richardson, Rudy Giuliani, Fran Townsend, Tom Ridge, Michael Mukasey, Andrew Card, and Alan Dershowitz.

Most astounding is that list includes some of the most vocal proponents for prosecution of individuals and groups providing humanitarian aid and dispute-resolution counseling for listed groups.

The delisting will pave the way for US taxpayer funding of the MEK in concert with the Israeli government. Israel has contracted with the MEK to assassinate Iranian nuclear and defense scientists, as well as destroy Iranian defense facilities.

Plato, in the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, one of the justifications for the invasion was Hussein’s harboring of the MEK. Since then, the US military has continued to harbor the MEK on the same military base and in the same manner as Saddam. So, doesn’t it seem that the terrorist label is highly subjective?

TOPIC 2 – Wise-Guy
—– Grand Jury for owning books
– FBI Domestic Terrorism Guide

An FBI task force raided the Portland, OR home of Leah Lynn Plante and Matt Duran. According to the warrant left behind by the home invaders, the task force was looking for black clothing, paint, sticks, computers and cell phones, and ‘anarchist materials or literature.’

In what may be the beginnings of an anarchist witch hunt, the FBI has called anarchists, “criminals seeking an ideology to justify their actions” in a field guide on domestic terrorism.

According to the FBI document, whereas past anarchists were dedicated, organized and motivated individuals, today’s anarchists are not dedicated to a cause, but rather unorganized, reactive, paranoid, distrustful and non-cooperative.

These dastardly criminals are highly educated and hang out in underground clubs, coffee houses, internet cafes, and college campuses.

Wise-guy, if possessing anarchist material becomes evidence of some sort of crime or criminal intent, doesn’t that validate the predictions of anarchists from time immemorial?

TOPIC 3 – Smuggler
—– CleanIT
– Leak shows plans for large-scale, undemocratic surveillance of all communications

On Sep 21, European Digital Rights leaked a working document from Clean IT, a nanny project initiated by the Netherlands Counter-Terrorism Office and funded by DG Home Affairs of the European Commission.

Nominally a project to foster public-private cooperation in blocking or removing terroristic content from the Internet, the working document shows just how far afield the project has come.

European Digital Rights claims the private portion of the project is so-far supported mainly by companies selling filtering software.

Key measures proposed in the working document include allowing law enforcement agencies to bypass notice requirements to have content removed, penalties for users that link to terrorist content, and legal underpinning of “real name” rules to prevent anonymous use of online services.

Missing from the document or any of the material on the Clean IT Project’s website is any definition of terrorist content or sourced examples illustrating that terrorist content has or will be a problem that can be reduced or mitigated by the project.

The Clean IT Project rebutted EDRi’s claims on their website, noting that the leaked document is a working paper and not a concrete proposal.

Smuggler, reading the document it’s clearly a working paper. It’s disjointed, pie-in-the-sky fluff that contradicts itself in places and would be enormously expensive to implement as a whole. Where is this project on the scale of benign suggestions to OMG SHUT IT ALL DOWN?

TOPIC 4 – Hiro
—– Mexican Special Forces Employed as Death Squads

Stratfor emails released by Wikileaks indicate that Mexican Special Forces have been used as death squads in the drug war in Mexico.

10,000 murders in the Jaurez region from 2008 – 2012 have been blamed on a cartel turf war, but the question now is how many of those murders are attributable to special forces operations?

In 2008, Narco News noted:
The one clear pattern that emerges from the data is that the murders in Juarez are, in almost all cases, not the result of random violence or shootouts between rival drug gangs. In most cases, they are cold-blooded assassinations, often involving coordinated teams of armed, sometimes masked, men who are making use of intelligence, surveillance and paramilitary-like tactics to take out their victims.

The Mexican diplomat, codenamed MX1, that sent the emails to Stratfor said:

The military will surgically remove cells that had been previously identified, but for whatever reason were not taken down yet. Periods of adjustment will ensue, but the military will fill any void left in terms of territorial control, ultimately causing the competing DTOs [drug trafficking organizations] to wait/give up. [Emphasis added.]

Hiro, the level of violence by and against cartel members, reporters, and just plain folk in Northern Mexico is just horrendous and will take decades to get over. Is there any evidence the new Mexican President, Guadalupe Victoria, will discontinue or at least change direction in Calderon’s war on his own people?

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**New Topics
– CleanIT
– Facebook disables facial recognition
– DARPA’s CT2WS technology uses “mind reading” to identify threats
– Mexican Special Forces Employed as Death Squads
– New Jersey tells drivers: You can’t smile too much in license photos
– ABC agents raid Birmingham beer and wine store, take homebrewing equipment
– Monetizing a hackerspace with a 3D printer store
– Time for Government Motors to Hit the Road
– Grand Jury for owning books
– Philipene law outlaws cybersex
– Clinton linked to fake Ft Knox gold?

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