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Cypherpunkd Episode 012: “Introduction to Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Integration with Bitcoin – Part 2″ – Fellow Traveler

Posted April 20th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Part 2 of our first Interview with Cypherpunk Fellow Traveler on the “Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Bitcoin Integration”. Cypherpunkd Episode 012: “Introduction to Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Integration with Bitcoin – Part 2″ – Fellow Traveler

  1. Matthew Slater says:

    Hi I just wanted to let you know about my work in Drupal.

    This software is in use by many communities and Timebanks USA will soon launch Community Weaver II.
    My emphasis is not so much the digital hi-tech, but on supporting communities to use local money.
    There’s an NGO helping communities to adopt this software –

  2. Max says:

    Mindblowing shit. This is going to fuck up the financial system :D

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Cypherpunkd Episode 011: “Introduction to Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Integration with Bitcoin – Part 1″ – Fellow Traveler |

Posted April 18th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Part 1 of our first Interview with Cypherpunk Fellow Traveler on the “Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Bitcoin Integration”. Traveler gives an intro to where this system came from from, motivations behind it, history. How to look at this system and what it does. Accounts transfers, Vouchers, Checks, Digital Cash, Basket Currencies, the Integrated Stock Exchange type Market features. …And drum roll… Integration with Bitcoin… to fulfill the other need for Bitcoin: Anonymous and Instant transaction settlement.

FellowTraveler / Open-Transactions Github and Info Site

Nick Szabo — The Idea of Smart Contracts

Lucre: Anonymous Electronic Tokens v1.8

Ricardian Contracts

BitCoin Virtual Currency

momochii says:

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  • admin says:

    We will consider it, thanks for feedback.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 010: “The Black and Yellow Pages” – Brock Lorber |

Posted April 15th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

The “Black and Yellow Pages” project is geared toward hooking up people for agorist trade. Brock Lorber is an aviation consultant and trainer from Las Vegas, a columnist for Freedom’s Phoenix (, and a coder. We talk about this directory system, its features for reputation and referrals. How current “Certification Authorities” and EBay like ratings systems are full of Fail. What this system does to address these issues. We cover some basis on PGP Web of Trust models. Trust metrics and reputation ratings. The project goals, its codebase, current state and plans and other good stuff.

The Project:
Freedoms Phoenix Articles
Philly Linux PGP Web of Trust Graph
Advogato: Thoughts on the Social Graph

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Cypherpunkd Episode 009: “ – The Agorist Unconference” – George Donnelly |

Posted April 14th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

George Donnelly creator/organizer of the “Unconference” joins us to discuss his project. George tells us a little of his path from statism to where he is now. We discuss some of the presenters and topics, how it came about, how it went, plans for the next conference. Agorism on the ground in Latin America, the weakness of the state, the atomization of individuals in the US and cultural support systems in many “third world” countries actually being very agoric, and along with many other topics along the way.

Silver coins embedded in plastic sheets:

  1. David says:

    Is anyone else having the interview cut short at around 10 minutes in?

    Also, I’m having some difficulty connecting to the chat room from my client. I’m using WeeChat. Any tips?

    admin says:
    • David, which interview is getting cut off. What stream, player are you using? WeeChat? Does it support IRCS:// SSL?
      We will put up a web interface chat gateway this weekend.
      Let me know more details on your issues. Thanks.

      • David says:

        I think the issue has to do with my version of WeeChat. I was able to connect with other clients. No worries!

  2. admin says:

    Embedded chat system still on its way.
    The mp3 was fixed last week.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 008: “ – A Self Sufficient Revolution” – Ben Godwin |

Posted April 13th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Ben Godwin from the awesome website: joins us for a chat. Ben talks about the sites origin, design and goals. We discuss agorism, mutual aid, self-sufficiency, Direct Action, diverse groups moving into agoric activity, the building of alternate systems to replace the Failed States and the Snake Oil they have been peddling, people looking for and building systems to solve their real world problems – now.

Ben and Harold have a new project in the works?

Bookmark and check it out for regularly updated contributions.

Show Links: Website:
Ben Godwin Graphic Design:
Meet The Natives
The Lost Boys of Sudan
Agorism Poster

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Cypherpunkd Episode 007: “ Pirate Radio” – Ian Freeman |

Posted April 12th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Cypherpunked gives an intro to the podcast, about the importance of knowing how to do pirate radio and the information presented. Followed with an excellent presentation by liberty activist Ian Freeman, Free Talk Live Radio Host and experienced broadcaster, given at the first conference on “Pirate Radio”.

Everything you ever wanted to know about operating an Agorist Pirate Radio Station but were afraid to ask…

Topics covered: How Ian got involved with Pirate Radio. Cost of Pirate Radio station equipment. The FCC Limited Staff and Resources, how to deal with them. Examples of known cases of broadcasters encountering problems with the FCC. Who is doing Pirate Radio? Wattage to cover your Property, Neigborhood, City. AM or FM which is cheaper, Part 15, Linking Part 15 for larger areas. LRN.FM programming content for your station. (Hey, don’t pass up broadcasting!) Cheap throw-away equipment vs. quality. Ku band FTA (Free To Air) satellite relay, coverage, and popularity in the US vs Europe. Standalone net streaming boxes to feed transmitters. Types of transmitters. Types of antennas. Where to put an antenna and loads more.

- Links:
LRN.FM tech info page referenced in the podcast on setting up your own station.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 006: “Regional Looms:” – Alex Wied |

Posted April 11th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin is not the only Loom system out there in the wild. is alive and kicking its way into the New Hampshire Free State Project stomping grounds.

Alex tells us why he recoded the Loom system in Ruby, setup his own Loom server, how it is geared toward a regional market, his plans for it, and many of the business models and market usage that can be operated on top of this Economic Dialtone System in the Loomiverse.

Links: Website: Ruby Open Source Code: Presentation on YouTube: Anonymous Asset Exchange
Liberty Radio Network Stream:
The Free State Project:

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Cypherpunkd Episode 005: “Bitcoin Mania” Part 1 – mids |

Posted April 6th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

This episode special guest is mids, cypherpunk, digital currency fanboy, software engineer, privacy & anonymity software creator and project contributor, eurotrash turned turned AnCap by hanging out in the wrong online chat channels. Yes, its ‘mids’, lowercase ‘M’, cause this guy is L33t.

mids gives us the lowdown on this Bitcoin Mania that is exciting and confusing everyone. mids tells us the Cypherpunk Cryptocurrency invasion has begun.

Issues discussed include: What is Bitcoin? Why is Bitcoin Money? Can a tyrant in government seize the worlds Bitcoins? P2P Software/Network that makes up Bitcoin. Open Source Software. Bitcoin Mining. Past and Current USD value of Bitcoin. OTC Exchangers. Business opportunities in parts of the world for on the ground Over the Counter exchangers. The massive amount of developers creating systems for Bitcoin. The fast growing number of merchants accepting it. And… lots more. Enjoy and look forward to more episodes on Bitcoin and other topics with mids.

Bitcoin project:
Great charts on Bitcoin Market Prices:
One example prominent Bitcoin Exchanger:
Fascinating Bitcoin User Google World Map: Google Maps Link
Get free bitcoins:

  1. Techthefuture says:

    Thanks for a great show on bitcoin. Very illuminating on alternative value transfer systems and the possibilities for an alternative future. Still can’t quite wrap my head around that algorithm stuff though. BTW, great intro to the show! Love the Matrix.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 004: “Loom for Dummies” Part 1 – Introduction – Patrick Chkoreff |

Posted April 6th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

A very basic introduction to Loom. Simple, easy to understand and very informative. Topics covered include: The difference between Loom and Paypal/e-gold/GoldMoney/Pecunix type systems we are all familiar with. Very easy to understand explanations on how loom making and receiving of payments work. What are usage tokens and invitations. Loom locations, contacts accounts and assets.

“Loom for Dummies” will be followed up with Part 2 on How to get a loom account, transfer money in, or get loom assets”. Part 3 will cover a very basic intro on how to issue your own assets.

  1. Diane Winslow says:

    As a 73 year old on S.S., living with daughter at lesser rent, I have wanted to market health info and supplies but am put off by the system watching my every financial move—I make any money and they cut off support before I get on my feet. [first to go would be the $225 Alaska helps seniors with] Sooo, just wondering if there would be way to keep earned income away from my bank and state snoops. Diane Winslow

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Cypherpunkd Episode 003: “What is Hawala?” – Jonathan Logan

Posted April 6th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Jonathan Logan a respected cryptoanarchist, working in BlackIT and author of the underground smash hit book: “The Second Realm – A Book on Strategy” answers our question: What is Hawala?

Covering: Introduction to the Hawala money transfer systems and networks, Hawala History, Culture, Trust, Community, Worldwide usage past and present and Alternate Honest Value Transfer Systems.

– See for resources on The Second Realm and to download the PDF/eBook on Strategy.
– In Praise of Hawala is an excellent essay by J. Orlin Grabbe on Hawala.