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Cypherpunkd Episode 024: The Coming War on Money: “P2P Digital Currency: The Long Road Ahead for FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)” – Mark Herpel

Posted May 5th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

A reading of a piece by Mark Herpel. Don’t confuse this with hysterics on the part of the author. Mark wrote this piece without commentary, only matter of fact, and only addressing FinCEN “concerns”. The issues raised are ones of Mega-Political, paradigm changing scope, clearly to be the single most Disruptive Technology seen to date. The issues are though, starting to cause hysterics, especially with those involved with wealth redistribution, asset confiscation, taxation theft, financial spy networks, and other financial/money monopolists i.e. Government thugs and their Big Bank/Corporate spouses.
Brief commentary and comments by Hiro at the end of the reading.

Original piece: Peer-2-Peer Digital Currency: The Long Road Ahead for FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)
Digital Gold Currency Magazine

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Cypherpunkd Episode 015: “Bitcoin Mania Part 2” – The Bitcoin API – mids

Posted April 22nd, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Cypherpunk mids is back in black to show us how to fill up our piggy-banks using the Bitcoin API.
We discussed how to access the API using XMLRPC-JSON and via the command line. What a best practice would be for programming a “shopping cart” or in/out exchange system to a hypothetical Poker Gambling website accepting Bitcoin. mids also gave some bitcoin factoids and rumors at the end of the show.

  1. Max says:

    Very cool to have the practical aspects explained.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 011: “Introduction to Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Integration with Bitcoin – Part 1″ – Fellow Traveler |

Posted April 18th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Part 1 of our first Interview with Cypherpunk Fellow Traveler on the “Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Bitcoin Integration”. Traveler gives an intro to where this system came from from, motivations behind it, history. How to look at this system and what it does. Accounts transfers, Vouchers, Checks, Digital Cash, Basket Currencies, the Integrated Stock Exchange type Market features. …And drum roll… Integration with Bitcoin… to fulfill the other need for Bitcoin: Anonymous and Instant transaction settlement.

FellowTraveler / Open-Transactions Github and Info Site

Nick Szabo — The Idea of Smart Contracts

Lucre: Anonymous Electronic Tokens v1.8

Ricardian Contracts

BitCoin Virtual Currency

momochii says:

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  • admin says:

    We will consider it, thanks for feedback.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 005: “Bitcoin Mania” Part 1 – mids |

Posted April 6th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

This episode special guest is mids, cypherpunk, digital currency fanboy, software engineer, privacy & anonymity software creator and project contributor, eurotrash turned turned AnCap by hanging out in the wrong online chat channels. Yes, its ‘mids’, lowercase ‘M’, cause this guy is L33t.

mids gives us the lowdown on this Bitcoin Mania that is exciting and confusing everyone. mids tells us the Cypherpunk Cryptocurrency invasion has begun.

Issues discussed include: What is Bitcoin? Why is Bitcoin Money? Can a tyrant in government seize the worlds Bitcoins? P2P Software/Network that makes up Bitcoin. Open Source Software. Bitcoin Mining. Past and Current USD value of Bitcoin. OTC Exchangers. Business opportunities in parts of the world for on the ground Over the Counter exchangers. The massive amount of developers creating systems for Bitcoin. The fast growing number of merchants accepting it. And… lots more. Enjoy and look forward to more episodes on Bitcoin and other topics with mids.

Bitcoin project:
Great charts on Bitcoin Market Prices:
One example prominent Bitcoin Exchanger:
Fascinating Bitcoin User Google World Map: Google Maps Link
Get free bitcoins:

  1. Techthefuture says:

    Thanks for a great show on bitcoin. Very illuminating on alternative value transfer systems and the possibilities for an alternative future. Still can’t quite wrap my head around that algorithm stuff though. BTW, great intro to the show! Love the Matrix.