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Cypherpunkd Episode 019: “Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange and Bitdrop” – Nefario

Posted April 28th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

The Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange, Bitcoin, Open-Transactions, Loom, GSF, CoatCheck… Buckle your seat-belt Dorothy, cause Kansas is about to go bye-bye. This episode is not for the faint of heart. Nefario starts off telling us some of his background motivation for creating this project. How it started off as a reputation system, but then the GLBSE seemed like a need to be fulfilled first. Discussion on the recent spike in Bitcoin adoption and market activity. We cover features of the GBSE, things working now, things being coded now. How they started with Open-Transactions, but moved to their own backend, and future plans for their replacing most of the backend with future Open-Transactions releases. We go over the Tutorial showing basic features of the system, Register, Deposit, Withdraw, Transfer, Place Order, Show Orders, Issue Assets. Ricardian contracts example of issuing your own Bond, pgp key signing of contracts. Integrating Loom and GSF Globals as an additional settlement/payment currency in GLBSE. Integrating Open-Transactions and other systems. Possibilities of P2P comms with future clients, encryption transports, encrypted messages over OTR. Issues of criminal organizations attacking this system, the need to take it deep in the darknets.
Nefario also lets us know about his other future project “Bitdrop” a distributed package delivery system with couriers getting paid with bitcoin. Programmers wanted! Doing onion routing and geocache, f2f networks. We discuss massively distributed p2p hawala systems with anyone and everyone an exchanger for in/out of second realm currencies. GLBSE METATRADING and his article on anonymous exchange networks.

Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange Provided by BitcoinGlobal
Open Source Client for the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange on Gitorious
GLBSE Client Tutorial
Fossil: Simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management
Bitcoin Forum > Bitcoin > Project Development > Stock Exchange testing, round 3
Example Asset Contracts
Anonymous money needs an anonymous exchange

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Cypherpunkd Episode 013: “Loom for Geeks Part 2 – The Loom Grid API” – Patrick Chkoreff

Posted April 22nd, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Patrick joins us again to give us the low down on the Loom Grid API. We go over how one would use the API to create a shopping cart. To create a sweep system to clear out temporary locations used in the public facing cart. SSL/TLS connection checking with the backend. Test code in perl to see how the API works. How to do atomic transactions with many moves/api calls. Any programmer listening to this will have a very clear way to integrate loom into any payment gateway, shopping cart, market system, anything that would need to accept Loom payments Into, Out from, or Inside of the Loom system.
Loom Grid API
Loom Source Code

  1. Glamach says:

    Throw away ACLs at your peril, Patrick.

    You’ve (at the least) miscalculated the amount of entropy in English (in RE: passphrases).

    Schneier’s Law – and pride comes before a fall.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 011: “Introduction to Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Integration with Bitcoin – Part 1″ – Fellow Traveler |

Posted April 18th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Part 1 of our first Interview with Cypherpunk Fellow Traveler on the “Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Bitcoin Integration”. Traveler gives an intro to where this system came from from, motivations behind it, history. How to look at this system and what it does. Accounts transfers, Vouchers, Checks, Digital Cash, Basket Currencies, the Integrated Stock Exchange type Market features. …And drum roll… Integration with Bitcoin… to fulfill the other need for Bitcoin: Anonymous and Instant transaction settlement.

FellowTraveler / Open-Transactions Github and Info Site

Nick Szabo — The Idea of Smart Contracts

Lucre: Anonymous Electronic Tokens v1.8

Ricardian Contracts

BitCoin Virtual Currency

momochii says:

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  • admin says:

    We will consider it, thanks for feedback.

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Cypherpunkd Episode 004: “Loom for Dummies” Part 1 – Introduction – Patrick Chkoreff |

Posted April 6th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

A very basic introduction to Loom. Simple, easy to understand and very informative. Topics covered include: The difference between Loom and Paypal/e-gold/GoldMoney/Pecunix type systems we are all familiar with. Very easy to understand explanations on how loom making and receiving of payments work. What are usage tokens and invitations. Loom locations, contacts accounts and assets.

“Loom for Dummies” will be followed up with Part 2 on How to get a loom account, transfer money in, or get loom assets”. Part 3 will cover a very basic intro on how to issue your own assets.

  1. Diane Winslow says:

    As a 73 year old on S.S., living with daughter at lesser rent, I have wanted to market health info and supplies but am put off by the system watching my every financial move—I make any money and they cut off support before I get on my feet. [first to go would be the $225 Alaska helps seniors with] Sooo, just wondering if there would be way to keep earned income away from my bank and state snoops. Diane Winslow