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Cypherpunkd Episode 038: “Voucher-Safe P2P Digital Cash – Problems it Solves, Problems it does Not” – Justin of Voucher-Safe

Posted May 25th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Justin from Voucher-Safe is back to discuss some Problems that Voucher-Safe is out to Solve, and some things that it has no interest in solving, namely the “better money” problem. Listen in to hear what Justin has to say about this. Also discussed are some early history of pre-internet days when the feds cracked down on an early barter network that exchanged warehouse receipts… Interesting stories…

Some more details on how Voucher-Safe has many layers with Zero-Knowledge like interactions. You can’t give up, what you don’t know. You don’t need to know, what is not necessary to know.

Justin also discusses his positive feelings about what a system like Voucher-Safe can do for Bitcoin, referencing the recent show with Mike Gogulski on Bitcoin laundry systems, and all remailer type mixing of transactions. How Voucher-Safe can fit right in with bringing many things to the Digital Cash/Value Transfer System talbles that Bitcoin by itself does not solve.

We then get into the XMPP infrastructure that Voucher-Safe uses for inter system communications and client comms with users. Interesting setup, we discuss how some elements of Voucher-Safe can be run on Low Trust Servers with an economic incentive for those that run them. We also talk about some “best practices” for RPC/Request-Response calls over XMPP, he talks about existing solutions and things like timeouts, queues, and callback ids can be used. First half non-tech, second half heavy tech. As a whole Good Stuff. main website. Screencasts, Download the Software…
Voucher-Safe Community / Developer Site
Voucher-Safe System Architecture
Openfire XMPP/Jabber Server
Spark XMPP Client
Smack XMPP API/Library

  1. Transisto says:

    I really enjoy listening to your show, I have a long way to go but I’ll listen to them all.

    I am surprised there not much comment here yet.

    I REALLY hope you can fix all of your technical difficulties in the upcoming shows.

    In the recording of this emission the host is ~10x quieter than the guess, Meaning I don’t hear anything you say and the breath of the host is much louder than your voice.


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Cypherpunkd Episode 023: “Voucher-Safe – Secure P2P Digital Cash and Infrastructure” – Justin

Posted May 4th, 2011 in Cypherpunkd by admin

Justin tells us that Voucher-Safe has entered the building. Listen in and get a great overview of what Voucher-Safe brings to the Second-Realm and mucho info on the infrastructure. Operating in a P2P via Jabber/XMPP protocol from clients to servers to an entire infrastructure all the way to the actual Issuers of the assets. It has operational incentives built in at every level of the system. We hear how this system was conceived after the jackboots confiscated all the gold of the people using e-gold and prosecuted the operators, while they turn a complete blind eye to prosecuting Citibank for what its users do with their cash outside the bank. Cash is the way to go. Voucher-safe has no accounts… you have wallets, and exchange over a p2p network protocol xmpp these bearer certificates. We hear how close the system is to full production and the initial issuers. Justin talks about some of the protocol, how to integrate your own software in with the API. We get a little technical at times, but far from where we would have gone had time permitted, save that for the next episode. Check out the software, view the screencasts, join the forums and get some funny-money assets to test out the system. main website. Screencasts, Download the Software…
Voucher-Safe Community / Developer Site
Voucher-Safe System Architecture