The Only Recipe For A DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner You Need!

I used to have carpeted floors but they were so hard to maintain clean and would get covered in dirty patches and stains very often not because I wasn’t careful but because I have a little puppy. Then I decided it’s time to switch to laminate floors because they are so much easier to clean and if I happen to spill something – or my dog pees, I can simply clean it up without worrying it will leave a terrible stain behind!

If you are like me, and you have laminate floors then you are probably interested in figuring out whether there is a way to make your own cleaner. Over the past few years, DIY cleaners have become very popular because they are cheap, easy to make and leave incredible results.

Today, I am going to share my recipe with you – and I am certain you are going to love it!

The Only Recipe For A DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner You Need!

You will be surprised when I tell you that you need only two things – water and distilled white vinegar. Basically two ingredients you already have at home that are cheap.

I like to mix equal parts of the vinegar and water (usually two cups of each) in a bucket… and my cleaner is ready! Vinegar is amazing in removing dirt and all sorts of impurities plus it’s a natural disinfectant. This makes my recipe perfect for everyone – especially if you have allergies that usually get triggered by those harsh chemicals that present in commercial detergents.

If you want, you can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Sometimes I use lavender or orange because I don’t really enjoy the smell of vinegar. Yes, the scent evaporates a few minutes after I clean, however, it still isn’t pleasant but that is up to you!