Why you should never wear shoes in the house

Is your home always dirty no matter how often you clean it? It seems like the dirt on the floor is endless.

If you walk with shoes in your house – you can’t expect different outcomes. Walking with the shoes that you use on the outside has a lot of downfalls for your home. From bacteria that can pose tons of health risks, dirty floors all the time to lost shoes – the benefits of not wearing shoes at your home are endless.

Do you have carpets? If that is the case, not wearing shoes inside is extremely necessary. Carpet Cleaning Manchester, https://carpetcleaningmanchester.org/ , listed some of the cons and why they also recommend to not walk on your carpets with dirty shoes.

 listed some of the cons and why they also recommend to not walk on your carpets with dirty shoes.

The germs – a huge enemy to your health

Research shows that all types of bacteria are collected on the bottom of your shoe – up to 400 000 different types per shoe. One of the worst ones that your shoe can pick up is called E. Coli – it can cause terrible gastrointestinal distress. It’s usually the number one bacteria causing food poisoning.

Now imagine walking with all of these germs and spreading them all over your floor. If you have carpets – the damage is even bigger. Hard floors are much easier to clean. Carpets, on the other hand, absorb the germs and store it to the base making it impossible to clean up if you don’t have professional equipment.

Protect both your health and your families health by banning shoes at home.

All of the dirt you welcome into your home

It seems like no matter how often you clean and scrub your floors or vacuum your carpet – the dirt is endless. The number one cause is the dirt that you have picked up with your shoes that is later being transferred onto your floors – and if its carpeted the outcome will be horrible.

If you don’t want to clean that often – do not wear shoes on the inside.

You are picking up harsh and toxic chemicals from the streets

Something no one wants to hear – the air in your home is probably polluted. Why? You have most likely picked up all sorts of things like gasoline, antifreeze, weed killer, and similar toxic and harmful chemicals that you are releasing into the air at home.

The alternatives

– Store all of your shoes on shoe racks.

You can easily install shoe racks next to your front door where you will store all of your shoes.

– Have shoes that you use only inside your home.

Buy a pair of comfortable shoes like slippers and put them on only when you are in your home. These indoor shoes will be clean all the time and they will be free of any dirt and bacteria.